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Meet Chef Dionne B.

Dionne Butler Van Purnell grew up around food and flavors. Chef Dionne B. developed her taste buds and passion for cooking by sitting on a stool in the kitchen, watching her grandpa cook and tasting everything. 

Chef Dionne B. started working professionally in the restaurant business several years ago and went on to manage popular restaurants in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. She later started working as a private chef, traveling chef and caterer for small events. 

As a gourmet chef, Chef Dionne B. is dedicated to creating healthy, delicious, and versatile cultured dishes while providing convenient, time saving services for her clients. Offering personalized recommendations and while integrating the most appropriate food choices with lifestyles options, she seeks to create the perfect balance between client and chef. 

Chef Dionne B.  has maintained successful and meaningful relationships with clients due to her professionalism and focus. 



Meal Prep Options

When you just can't find the time to prepare a healthy hearty meal for you or your family, allow our staff to relieve you of that pressure. We offer a variety of satisfying and decadent options to choose from. Prepared and if desired delivered to your home weekly.  



Our full service professional and courtesy staff is here to handle your special occasion. We take all the worry and wonder out of your Special Day.


It is done! My first of many cookbooks to come. This cookbook contains a variety of my signature gourmet dishes, classic Cajun recipes, appetizers, and many other recipes you will enjoy making. But it don't stop at just food. I also included many signature drink recipes that will pair well with the food!

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Creamy Oysters

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